Thursday, 9 October 2008

Nail polish woes

I started the day with visions of dark blue with red flames. Stylish, no? How did I end up in magenta? Now there's a story for the ages.

After missing my first lecture (I'm missing a tutorial to write this), I was dismayed to find that my red nail polish hadn't been returned. What was I to do? I laboured on. I applied the blue, which was coagulating rapidly in the hope that orange flames would be nearly as exciting. After getting through the first hand, I realised that the blue was lumpy and terrible (it's in the freezer now in the hope of being resuscitated) and I would have to do the other hand in another colour scheme. Aaargh! Asymmetrical hands! Never mind.

I did green for the last four fingers (yes that's right, my thumb was blue, giving six blue digits and four green ones -- Awful...) and put a layer of light purple over the blue fingers to even them out. Success at last! The purple made them a delicious, rich lavender! However the greens were now looking a little lacklustre... I tried to add a magenta stripe down the side of the green ones, just to imbalance it further, but the magenta over the green gave terrible, almost brown colour. There was nothing for it, I had to remove the green nail polish.

After carefully unscrewing the cap from the nail polish remover, I was forced to twist in odd positions, so as not to damage my beautiful, wet, lavender nails. After some success, the inevitable happened. Simultaneously, I damage two of my lavender nails beyond repair. I was furious. What a fiasco! I just had to start again. What could I do when I had so many other things to get done? Then it hit me. The magenta was a quick-dry formula! I would have to settle for that. Soon, I would be sporting the glorious nails that are at present dancing across my keyboard.

Today's sunny. It's a wonderful day for magenta.

Have fun.


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