Thursday, 16 October 2008

Sudden attack of nerves!

*breathe in*

*breathe out*

It'll be ok... I've just been having debates on a social networking site about certain issues and the responses I've received have made me really nervous...

For example: Capital punishment in Australia. I'm not going to put forward my point of view, but the examples I gave were pretty clear-cut. A friend claimed that it wouldn't be an act of vengeance, but that if anyone harmed his sister he'd want them to pay with their life. How can this not be vengeance?

I could understand if we're commenting on the financial drain on the system by keeping certain criminals in jail, but comments like: terrorists deserve death, to me, show a complete lack of understanding of the mindset a person needs to be in to commit such atrocities. Considering that we don't negotiate with terrorists, the argument that jailed terrorists can be freed from our country is a null one.

Maybe I'm just an engineering student who doesn't have a great deal of background in this theory, but I still can't help feeling nervous...

Another thing is that I've just put forward a view-point that isn't too popular to my precious one. She asked me online about it and I haven't gotten a response yet. I know she'll still care, but I can't help shaking a little.

I have a trial work period coming up after the job interview I had. My poor memory makes me worry that I won't be able to remember what I'm told to do... Will I remember what they ask me to do. Will I even remember to show up?

At least having a bad memory means that I won't remember to be nervous for too long. To take my mind off things, I think I'll to go "karting" with my friends from the Mushroom Kingdom.

May all your drifting result in mini-turbo,


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  1. From that, I still cannot tell what your stance on dealing with terrorists really is ...