Sunday, 26 October 2008


Well, do you like the new header? It looks like I'm 40 years old, and is reminiscent of icons we see of the Lord, except this time on His way to the office, just grabbing a coffee. But if people know me, I kinda look a little like that at the moment. Except I'm much, much younger.

I needed something to preoccupy my time. And it sure wasn't going to be study. Somebody very close to me is making it difficult to be happy. I only need a few minutes with friends, or a glance at a certain beautiful girl to make me smile again, but it's unpleasant to say the least. I'd almost call it slander, but it was only on a small scale and to someone who can be sensible, so no harm done, but it hurts that she'd lie to my face about something so grave. If it really were true, what she said, then I'm the kinda guy who would sit in his room crying for a while, then endeavour to rectify what I'd done. With my memory failing me at the best of times, I was worried for all of thirty seconds. I thought, what if I am like that? What if she's right? What if I just can't remember? Then I remembered the endless witnesses, and I sought out two who assured me that it was truly cruel to say such things about me.

But my mind can't be at ease. To say things like that about me, she must be hurting more than I can fathom. I hear from those who she spends time with that she cries a lot, to a lot of people. Why can't she see that I love her and want her to be ok? I pray that she'll strive for calmness of mind, and see all the people around her that want to help, and from whom she keeps isolating herself.

Cheer up, everyone. Love each other and be vigilant to help those around you. I'm trying my best.


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