Tuesday, 7 October 2008

First anecdote of the blog. Better write it quickly!

Why should I hurry? I think I'm forgetting things faster than I'm learning. Much faster. Much, much faster. That's not good for a uni student. Or anyone. But really, I'm blessed with lots of things in my life. Here's an example, before I forget:

There's a girl I'm keen on. Really, really keen on. Wait, I've used that literary device already... Anyway, she's different in a way that most parents would worry about. I've seen, first hand, parents worrying about smaller things. I'm so glad we share the same faith, so that we can - with God's blessing - grow in faith together. However, there are other things about her. To me, she's perfect. Not perfect, as in flawless, but a beautiful, broken person in this beautiful, broken world. Like me! So she's perfect for me. I can't see into the future but I pray that we'll be together... As you can see, I'm distracted -- all the time. Please get back on topic. OK.

Where... was... I... Ah, yes. Blessed. My parents love me and trust me, to a healthy extent, I feel. I received a very nice message from Mum after I sent her a text, thanking her for feeding the myriad of friends that had come through our doors and for being generally hospitable. What I was really trying to say was: "Thanks for being an awesome mum. P.S. I'm so glad you liked her." She sent back a message: "It is a pleasure to meet your friends and have some idea of what you are doing with your life. You could have made far worse choices than you have. I am proud of you and the friends you have made. Lots of love, Mum."

After rereading what I've wrote I just remembered that I'm supposed to be writing about my memory. Woops. Today I was sitting at the lunch table at college, eating a sandwich. I was tapped on the shoulder, by a friend who asked everyone if anybody had any free texts on their mobiles. I offered up mine, keeping the phone sock cover in my right hand. She proceeded to begin messaging. I took a bite out of my sandwich, looked around the table, then took a swig from my glass of lemon cordial (it's almost always lemon, so that's one thing I don't need to remember). All this took less than two minutes. I then caught a glimpse of the phone sock in my hand. I felt around my jeans then proceeded to look around the table. I shot up in my seat and hollered: "Crap! Where's my phone?!"

This has been happening with regularity (I think) for some time. Just forgetting little things. I never remember what class I'm supposed to be going to by the time I've walked to uni. I always have to look it up. Hmm... Now I'm thinking that if I did ever remember, I would probably forget that I've remembered in the past. That's confusing.

Don't get me wrong, though. I think I'm functioning adequately for the time being. I just wouldn't like to get much worse. But, like I said, I'm blessed in a whole lot of ways.

Well, that concludes my first ever blog.

I'll review it before I post it.

Hmmm... Too long, self-absorbed drivel with too many commas. Perfect blog material! Much love, I'm sure...



  1. Do you think anyone will ever notice if the Anonymous Poster Child hides here in this long abandoned corner of cyber space? Damn those paparazzi!

    Anyone want a cookie?

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  2. Dammit!

    The Anonymous Poster Child