Friday, 20 November 2009

Easy does it...

Don't ever hide the truth from me. How can anything be done if some facts are hidden? Say what you mean. And, if you mean it, like you say you do, then don't withdraw it.

I had a nice day today of post-exam destressing. Now that'd make more sense if I'd finished...

But it was nice to just relax and watch an on-screen love story unfold in a very silly/cute way. Thank you for not running away after everything that's happened. Thank you for bringing me to have a fun picnic (indoors!) with your friends. Thank you for understanding and promising to care for me and for being the best friend possible. When my world crumbled, you reminded me of God's awesome power. You reminded me of how beautiful friendship can be. Thank you for shining the high beams on, leaving me exposed, and showing me that when everything is out in the open, that you'll still run along side me. Excuse the in joke, there.

Thank you, Lord, for such a friend.

Thank you, Lord, for all my friends.

People, speak the truth. The last few weeks have been amazing, because not once did I ever have to probe to find answers. The answers were laid out. No one second guessed. The honest truth was all I received.



  1. Honesty is always the best policy, even if it's gonna hurt it's always a relief when it's all out in the open :)

    I'm reminded of the quote, "Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean!" - J. John

  2. The pensive look at the door was because I figured out you were soviet chair man guy ! ;-P Thanks for coming along to the unplanned indoor picnic ! It was great meeting you ;-)

  3. Heh heh... I thought it was obvious! Ah, well... I'd already got the heads up on this mookxi girl, so I knew exactly who you were :).

    Thanks for letting me come :). Have an amazing trip!

    I've seen your uber-intense intense itinerary!

  4. wow. at least I've stayed consistent (you'll need to re-read this post to work out why I say this- it came up as a random post).


  5. Indeed you have, Ames :). Indeed you have.