Thursday, 5 November 2009

Time to fight

I think time is the key word here. That's the one everyone keeps throwing at me. Let your heart settle. When have you known me to have a "settled heart"? Give it time and everything will come together. But it needs to be through my actions that anything gets done, so when should I start? You'll need time to get over her. Getting over her is not something I intend to ever do. I don't think that's the point of it. You've got too much to worry about at this important time.

All times are important. At this stage of our lives, all times are times of transition. I believe I will always be growing, and if growth is change, then I'll always be changing.

This fight may be one in which I humble myself before those who wish to persecute me. But it also may be one of heartache and fury. I may finally be able to tear the earth from beneath us.

I pray that you'll all brave the storm with me. I pray that you'll find comfort in the Lord and that He will protect you. I pray that I'll have so much strength next year, to be supportive and strong for those seeking guidance and refuge from a troubling world.

Let Jesus be at the forefront of any battle I might wage. I pray that there needn't be a battle, but merely softened hearts ready to accept. It's time for everyone to do some growing up. I mean everyone.

Bring it.




  1. Fight the good fight, dear soldier!

    I'll be standing here, ready to nurse the battle wounds :)

  2. Thank you :).

    Thank you for understanding. Thank you for everything.