Friday, 13 November 2009

If you plan to grow up,

Abandon those plans and run with me.

Today was beautiful. Really beautiful. I think I'd better go to bed now, so that all of it remains as such. Hmmm... I feel a headache coming on...

I didn't get the study done I'd hoped for, but instead, I was insulted in the most complimentary way (or complimented in the most insulting way?). And it was beautiful. I bothered someone when they were trying to study- I'm sure to the annoyance of her friend. And it was beautiful. I received forgiveness and concern and love from another dear friend. And it was beautiful.

Thank you, God, for giving me assurance and showing me your great love. Help me understand and be ready for new directions and help me be armed with love for the battles ahead.



  1. maybe this post should be renamed 'beautiful' with the overuse of the word here ;)

    ♥ a.

  2. The "grow up" bit was for Kat. She was dwelling on the fact that I was going to change when I grew older. But only in the sense of growth, I would say. That was one of her reasons for leaving me.

    The rest of this post was all you :). You showed me that a wonderful smile and a kind, faithful heart was a real thing. You put back together this Humpty Dumpty :).

  3. You just proved how you were already messing with my head early on.