Sunday, 15 November 2009

YouTube video in parts, with subtitles, download tutorial

I have found a fantastic way of getting episodes of a certain Korean drama I've wanted, English subs and all, without the hassle of subscribing to a video sharing sight, or having to wait several days until various free accounts reset and allow me to have enough quota to download the next episode!

It's not exactly hassle-free, but it works, and I like the results.

Here are the steps:

1. Install Video DownloadHelper for Firefox.

2. Install Greasemonkey for Firefox, along with this guy's code for ripping captions off YouTube videos.

3. Install Media Player Classic.

4. Find the parts of the episodes you want to watch on YouTube, and download the high quality versions using DownloadHelper.

5. At the base of the video, if you've got the Greasemonkey code for downloading captions running, a drop-down menu should appear, from which you can select the appropriate subtitles. They will open in a new tab. Select this tab, then go to File -> Save Page As, then save them as the same title as the video/part, except with the extension, .srt, which is the subtitle format.

e.g. "MYSHOW E01"

6. Once you have downloaded all the parts and all their associated subtitles, open a text document in Notepad, and follow the example form, to create your complete episode playlist (making sure that there is a blank line after the last part - include the "MPCPLAYLIST" at the top of the file):

1,filename,MYSHOW E05 P1.mp4
1,subtitle,MYSHOW E05
2,filename,MYSHOW E05 P2.mp4
2,subtitle,MYSHOW E05
3,filename,MYSHOW E05 P3.mp4
3,subtitle,MYSHOW E05
4,filename,MYSHOW E05 P4.mp4
4,subtitle,MYSHOW E05
5,filename,MYSHOW E05 P5.mp4
5,subtitle,MYSHOW E05
6,filename,MYSHOW E05 P6.mp4
6,subtitle,MYSHOW E05
7,filename,MYSHOW E05 P7.mp4
7,subtitle,MYSHOW E05

7. Save this file with the extension .mpcpl, and you have just created a correctly formatted Media Player Classic Play List file. Yay!

8. Continue this process for each episode, until you have the whole series!

9. Run the .mpcpl file (with Media Player Classic) for each episode to watch an entire episode through, subs and all.

10. Run around in the sun for a while, then get back to watching Korean dramas!

I hope this tutorial helps someone. It took me a while to come up with a good solution- I'm using a VPN connection that has disabled torrents, and because of the nature of the connection, Rapidshare, etc. think I've always gone over my download quota for the day...

Not too bad at all, I say.



  1. *yawn* way too complicated... I'll stick to my streaming thanks :)

  2. Heh heh. Where I'm goin', they ain't got this newfangled interwebs! I gots-ta download it 'fore I return to my dirt hole.

    It's a little complicated, but with all the variables I was facing, it wasn't a bad solution.

  3. Wait, aren't you the non-pirate? Ah but you're also the kleptomaniac.

  4. Non-pirate, yes. But this is an obsure-ish drama, not available in English without the help of dedicated fan translators. And it's soooooo cute!

    Kleptomaniac... I'm trying to fix that! I haven't stolen anything of great value, in the very recent past!