Thursday, 19 November 2009


Welcome to the new phase.

I'm not going to think in the way I used to. I'm just going to care for the people around me as best I can. Once This exam's over, it'll be bliss. God has looked after me this far, and I know He'll never leave me.

I can't wait to watch some more You're Beautiful tomorrow. And a nice picnic in the evening will be lovely.

I've had a bit of a confusing ride over the last day or so. People really do care about me. They've gone out of their way each day to ensure that I'm staying afloat. Thank you best friends, parents, tutors, etc.

I'm going to calm down and just sit this one out for a few rounds.

I pray that picnics and drama watching, paddle steamer rides and milkshakes, will all be relaxing and equip me for the summer break. I can't wait to spend more time with a certain friend and some lovely pixels. Him and I will have some fun this holidays, too.

A random thought... Mother 3 and You're Beautiful appeal to me for the same reasons. I enjoy the scenario where the pure and innocent teaches the corrupted or world-weary, and in the case of Mother 3, tears the world down to build it anew.

Barely a connection? Perhaps.


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