Tuesday, 13 April 2010


It seems there have been a lot of birthdays recently. Back when I was living in a residential college, there were 285 other people and almost every night was someone's birthday.

Birthdays should be joyful occasions. I think I helped spoil it a little. Or a lot. I've acted rather shamefully over the last... three years? Twenty-one years? However, God has worked in me and around me, showing his providence in my life. He's used my gifts, and continuously works through my weaknesses.

It's time to party! That's right. You guessed it. It's time for scented nail polish! Bring on the Passionate Fruit and Pretty in Papaya!


I'm happy to love you, as I do. I'm glad we see the same way. I'm glad you love what I love. I'm overcome with joy. Not every day will be like this. Each day will require effort, patience and love.


I'm glad you haven't abandoned our friendship, after what I've put you through. I'll make things right by being the best friend you could ever ask for!


I'm sorry the tea smells like beer. I'm sorry that the celebrations have left you flat. I'll keep praying for stability and love in your life. I'm very grateful for the kindness you've shown me and the fun friendship that's suddenly sprung up


Why seven stars? I don't know.

Even if (not)chickens won't always make you happy, these ones are partying for you.


P.S. Wait. One of them is a turtle! Heh heh. I just noticed. Cheeky beggar.

P.P.S No more blogs about self-pity and what-not! Moving on! From here on in, it's gonna be less... crap.

P.P.P.S. I prefer the drawings I do when they've been drawn larger, and more wobbly. No so happy with these ones.

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