Sunday, 11 April 2010

You're amazing

Standing there, shaking, I knew nothing I could say would be adequate in telling people what you've done for me, and what a beautiful soul was in their midst. They know you, they've been helped by you, they've seen your dedication to Christ and to pouring God's love out into the community. Your trust fund, your tireless care, and all with such sincerity, you do each task before you, and you love, as God taught us.

Just as I don't deserve God's grace, so too, I don't deserve a friend like you.

I love you, wonderful Ames. Tonight, as always, you shone with the reflected light of His glory.

I pray for many more celebrations ahead.



  1. God is wonderful, isn't He? It sounds like you have been blessed with a wonderful person in your life, and I wish you all the happiness that God can give you! :)

  2. I've been blessed with many wonderful people, Emmy :). The community that surrounds me is supportive and caring, but still I mess up. Ames is an amazing woman. She's an amazing friend to all.

    I remember the first meeting between Amy and my sister. Ames said she can be friends with anyone, as Kim implied that Amy wouldn't like her. Amy proves this again and again.

  3. I don't understand that. Why would I not like her? Kim's awesome :) And totally chatted up you-know-who's boy last night ;)