Sunday, 11 April 2010

I hate statistics

But here they are, anyway. I removed the Google Analytics tool from the site, a while ago, but I thought it might be interesting (possibly only for me) to track the number of visits to this site and how they correspond to certain events. Each blue dot represents a week's traffic.

See the spike early on? That was after I posted about the Mother 3 Handbook. See the first boom in visits? That corresponds to an increase in artwork-related posts. Then the lull. That's when I "shut down" the blog, only to reinvent it for the second boom.

What I want to say is this: The statistics don't mean anything to me other than an interesting correlation between content and readership. The real joy of having actual readers has been the new friends I've made, the new sources of fun I've found in other people's cyber-homes and the (rather strange, but still lovely) way in which people have offered support and reached out to prove that the world ain't so big.

Unless of course, one is saving money to travel to meet one's bride-to-be. Then the world seems a little too big.

But that would be silly, right?



  1. aww...congratulations! (and I love the picture!)

  2. Sorry? Congratulations? Whatever for :)?

  3. Am I a new friend??? Lols... Look at my website! I've put in Google Maps just for you =)

  4. Yay for cute little pictures!

    Double and triple yay for for cute little pictures of turtles when they appear.

    Boo for being sad

    Yay for being happy

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  5. Not silly at all, I'd say, but then again I'm over here saving pennies for something similar. :)

    I love, love the picture and want that framed. Or maybe I can have it wallet size so I can whip out and show it to people when I talk about you. :)

    Our little-big world is quite the contradiction.