Tuesday, 6 April 2010

I'm sorry, we don't accept Myki concession cards

The only way I could possibly get this concession card is at the time of purchasing my public transport concession card. Aaargh!

So much for my plan of one wallet with one concession card, one with the other.

Today is a time to celebrate, a time to mourn, a time to reflect and a time to offer everything over to God. I've torn myself a little more. I rejoiced in hurting someone I care about...


Fine. That blog post was gonna suck all kinds of terrible. You know it. I know it. Let's run away from all of that.

I've got two tasty loaves in my bag. I'm hoping they don't get soggy. Thanks, Dear. I've done my BodyBalance for today. Sorry I flaked on Pump yesterday... My bad...

Would you understand what I just did? Would you hate me? I hate me a little. But there's a lot to celebrate.

Aaargh! I'm doing it again!

You've been given a second chance. Don't blow it.

I feel like the world is at my feet. I also feel like it could crumble at any moment.

*Shakes head* La la la la la! Not listening! You're getting boring and ambiguous again.

I have to plan for a big dinner party today. Cakes! We must have many cakes! And dips! And deliciocity! I can't wait.

No dating 'til 2011. Not really a guarantee of then either. Waiting. Gymming. Studying. Praying. Baking. Loving.

God's kind of loving.


Edit: No (not)chickens on this post because I was on my phone keypad, on the train. I'm sorry! Get off my back!


  1. *Hugs* Here's to a better day =)

  2. Nah, I'm feelin' good. I probably shouldn't. Everything will probably evaporate.

    Time to bake a cake!

  3. You've outdone yourself, Mr Ritchie. The dinner was all kinds of yummilicious. Thanks matey =) Too bad Trish was sick, I reckon she would've really enjoyed it.

    Keep pumping! =)

  4. Yeah, it would have been goo to have her along :). Next time, then. I have a silly amount of chocolate cake and cup cakes to eat now. Although, the spare schnitzels will be tasty dinners!