Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Shot through the heart, and you're to blame...

People talk lightly of some of the most important things in life. I suppose that's why being reverent toward God's name is a good thing.

People fling concepts around, beautiful concepts that have been distorted by the world. It's no wonder people often can't see the wonderful nature of some of the great gifts we have. Without revering certain things, they lose their meaning and importance. Polluting the mind with pornography scars the mind and leaves less of ourselves to give to our partner. Taking nature for granted leaves a barren land in crisis.

Talking of sex flippantly takes away the significance of sharing your body with the one you love. Honesty is important, but reverence helps keep the beauty of physical intimacy a reality.

Without honouring the sanctity of marriage, we're left with a farce. Things can break down. People make mistakes. However, even joking about extra-marital affairs can be harmful.

The girl I want wouldn't want anyone else- once she's chosen me, and I, her. The girl I'll love for the rest of my life will have my all, without any other earthly investments of that part of my heart.

I wonder if she exists.



  1. This entire post made me sad and nostalgic.

    I do believe that she exists darling. I'm rather sure of it. Only pray for her so that she's able to keep away from people and situations that would push her toward losing her resolve and reverance.

    I don't think anyone sets out to belittle either thing. I do believe that enough bad experiences with anything, God, people, love, sex, and reverence and respect are lost.

    I would not worry though. You'll find her, you'll choose each other.

    Kisses my dear,

  2. Thanks, Lor. *Squeeze*

    Although I do believe that if you have a bad experience with either Love or God, then you weren't really experiencing either of them.

    How can love be bad? Love is so many wonderful things.

    You give love a bad name? Then it ain't love.

    Speaking of which, I love you, regardless of anything that's happened to you :). So will the person you'll end up with. Don't settle for "all right, but a little sh*t."

    You're too wonderful for that.

  3. She definitely does! Don't worry... she's just a bit lost, not you =)

    Oh.. now Bon Jovi will be playing in my head the whole day!

  4. ... The Anonymous Poster Child is confused by all this adult talk and wonders how it relates to him...

    He would like to point out the train of thought that marriage is just a way of formalizing things and is not necessary at all. He would also like to point out that god made humans capable of mistakes and he made us constantly changing. The perfect person one day might experience something you didn't while they were out and suddenly they are not the same person. What if this change slowly builds up over the years until you are no longer perfect for each other?

    Talking of sex and extra-marital affairs flippantly is a way of reducing the emotion invested in these activities. And people do need to talk sometimes. Talking alone should not reduce the trust and love and i would argue intimacy is possible without sex.

    I believe the girl you want does exist, but i doubt you just described her perfectly. If you look for what you described you may miss what you were really after.

    Hope you don't mind an alternative point of view, I have several more if you feel like a discussion/argument :)

    The Anonymous Poster Child
    (i will NOT fix my grammar, deal with it!)

  5. I don't believe that marriage is merely a formality- I believe it is a declaration before God and before one's friends and family, stating one's intention to create a new social unit, which (as the vows state) is entered into with the intention that it won't ever be broken (until we are with God).

    People can choose to live without it, but I believe marriage is a gift from God, and something very special indeed. It's something I hope to enjoy once I find someone who wants to build a life with me.

    There you have it- The view of TSC :).

    I wish you all happiness, love and contentment, however you choose to spend your future, y'all :).

  6. The Anonymous Poster Child would argue that marriage may be a declaration before God family and friends. But that since God can see what you are doing anyway and knows your intent, I do not believe he requires a formal ceremony in his place of worship. A simple commitment between the two parties should be sufficient. As for friends and family, while it is preferable for them to approve it should not be required. If you remove the audience and the formal ceremony what is left of marriage but a declaration of intent between two people? Yet I doubt you would count two people promising to be true to each other and stay together till death, alone on a park bench to be a marriage.

    I believe love is the gift from God, and is very special. Marriage is a social formality stating ones intention to create a social unit. But a letter to each of the people who would otherwise attend the ceremony can work equally well for this purpose.

    Could the ceremony simply be a chance to celebrate your love with those you hold dear and allow interaction between the two halves of our lives?

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  7. I love that song :) But, I'm very sorry that things aren't working out for you right now. I'm so sorry *hugs* The woman you want is out there....just give it time. That's what I keep telling myself (but about my special man.) I'm not sure how or when she'll come into your life, but you'll know her when you see her. Good luck, and stay positive! I'm praying for you.

  8. awww. You have her...only time will time :)

  9. Only time will time?

    Thanks for a nice night- You don't need to apologise for Miss Grumpy Gills. It was my fault. You didn't know I wasn't allowed near the place.

    Truth be told, I'd completely forgotten. Even when she walked up shaking her head, I had no idea why, until she told me.

    I will see you three happy chappies later!

    Thanks for your prayers, Emmy :).


  10. Thank you doll. And you are right about people giving love, and God, a bad name.

    I'll try and keep that in mind.

    Hope you are well darling.


  11. We love Him first, with all our being.

    Then we wait...

    and wait...

    and wait some more.

    He knows what we all need and desire better than ourselves.

    How comforting.

    Colossians 3:1-3.