Saturday, 17 April 2010

Proof positive

I'm collecting them: All the beautiful trinkets of our friendship. I won't forget.

I'm collecting them: All the promises, the assurances, all the agreements that some things won't change, all the pinky promises that mean I'll never be lonely. I won't forget.

I'm collecting them: All the text messages with declarations of love, all the pictures of us in an embrace, all the notes with confessions of hopes told to friends or just to me in the dark. I won't forget.

I'm collecting them: All the memories of late night gaming sessions, all the kind-hearted jokes that offer support, all the sweaty hugs after gym. I won't forget.

I'm collecting them: All the "secret" (from your parents at least) afternoons spent in beautiful conversation, all the secrets trusted to me concerning your fears and hopes and aspirations, all the bursts of energy your youth gives me. I won't forget.

I'm collecting them: All the surprises on my phone that tell me you care, all the hugs at night when I can just breathe and know you're there, all the hopes we've share and the paths we've walked, all the dreams of building our own games development team despite our laziness. I won't forget.

Even if you forget- I have proof positive; I have proof of your love. I have proof of God's love.

I want to live to honour both.



  1. That's lovely. I'm glad you have so many beautiful memories to cherish!

  2. Well, I have a terrible memory, so I'm filing these things in important areas where I can access them when I inevitably screw something up :).

  3. Is my love the extrememly acidic one that requires test tubes and safety glasses? I hope it is!

    The Anonymous Poster Child thinks this was a very cute post

  4. awwwwwwwwww!!!! that's why you are reserved!!!

  5. I'm not reserved. I'm SPECIFICALLY NOT RESERVED! What's the point of not dating for a year if it doesn't actually mean that?

    I have hopes, but I'm not going to talk about them until the appropriate time.

    Don't make me kick you off, HH!

  6. If you are "specifically non reserved" can i please reserve you? I'm happy to make it formal, we can go down to the local tattoo place and get "reserved" tattooed across your face. Not sure how you will get rid of that once I'm done using you but I'm sure you will find a way.

    I believe the point of not dating for a year is to obtain perspective on the role that men and women play in each others lives and what you would like your place to be in that interaction.
    Failing that it may be an attempt to save money, or to have more free time to play computer games, or to get to know your hand better, or to explore your spirituality without distractions, or to avoid commitments so you can enjoy a long string of one night stands and empty non-committal relationships, or to better get to know and love the gym and the steroid and diuretic enhanced creatures that live there.

    I suggest you pick one of these reasons soon as your running out of time to enjoy them.

    I love you to! :P

    The Anonymous Poster Child is procrastinating

  7. Sure, Dude :). You can reserve me by giving me a call. I now have 2 guitars and a mic, so I'm happy to go crazy (sorry, I can't be bothered getting the drum kit- I move too often, and it's really bulky).

    I wish you'd get your grammar right:

    " you're running out of..."

    "love you too!"

    There were several more, but using "too" properly is really important. It's a different word to "to".


    Gimme a buzz soon, Dearest Poster Child :).

  8. You know you love me tooo much <3!!! :)

  9. I was hoping you wouldn't notice...



  10. i hope you don't mind bro but there are a lot of good song lyrics in there. i might use them to fuel my horribly lame music. rock on!

  11. Well- I'm horribly lame, so it's a perfect match! Feel free to use 'em.

    Send me a link to the lyric sheets when you're done :). I'd love to read/hear some.

    Who... are you, btw?