Friday, 23 October 2009


I'm creepy. So very, very creepy. I don't think I'll ever be tested beyond what I can handle (for a given definition of "handle"), but when things start to fray, I do something very strange.

I feel like nothing could hurt me any more. I feel like I could tear at the earth beneath me and everyone around would fall in. When I think I have no sway over the hearts of people around me, I get the sensation of being all-powerful over the physical realm.

Next year I'll have a position of responsibility. I need to put others before myself. I need to filter anything I say. I need to try and live each day in the knowledge of God's great gift.

This might take some effort.

Let me give all that I have.

I need to be less...


Some of my favourite things that I need to cut back on are:

- Breathing down someone's neck from behind, when they don't know I'm around.
- Feigning a lust for random, slightly odd things.
- Smelling people's hair.
- Responding to the question, What're you doing later?, with unorthodox responses*.
- Pretending to have an uncontrollable urge to stroke the hair of someone in front of me in a lecture theatre, just to see how the people sitting beside me respond.

That's enough for the moment. I shouldn't give away all my tricks.

Yesterday was unforgettable. It might surprise people to know (maybe not if you've met me in person), but my favourite things to do usually involve a sunny day, a smile and a milkshake. Thank you for trusting me and thank you for caring for me. It was never your place to go out of your way, but you truly live as an example of the Lord at work in someone.

Thank you.


Some of my favourites responses include:
- "Why? What have you heard? Has someone ratted me out? Get off my back!"
- "I'm gonna go to my room, turn off the lights, turn on the music and weep."
- "I think I'll take to the streets with a machete and exact my own form of justice."
- "Anything, just promise you'll stay by my side."


  1. No man, don't do it! Filter everything you say? I'm reminded of an xkcd comic:

    Come on, your odd ways are pretty much all that stops you just being another guy! The world has plenty of 'guys' already!

  2. Heh heh. Classic comic :).

    You're right, I would be just an average, very attractive, stylish, brilliant guy.

    It was written in fun, but the sentiment behind it is the same. There's a time and a place. I have to remember that.

  3. Hahaha! Thanks for commenting! I think it's awesome that when someone comes out and admits they're creepy, there are ten more people to back them up. (I always want to touch people's hair too.)