Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Hair cut

I got one. It's shorter, but unlike earlier, the shortest layer is actually quite long. I would show you a photo, but I left my camera cable somewhere that I can't remember. So here's a stylised interpretation. It's pretty much identical to what I currently look like.

Except I have eyes. And I don't have a lock in my forehead. Oh, yeah. I also have a neck. But the hair's spot on.



  1. do u feel like another hair cut? for free too lol
    friend needs a model for sun 18th oct... let me know :)

  2. Hmmm... :) I don't mind :). I thought I read a post about that, and they wanted a female model. But if not, I'm up for it :).

    Hang on... The 18th...

    My sister's confirmation! It's that Sunday... Which will be a joyous celebration, don't get me wrong. Nothing's more exciting than someone's public commitment to a life in the church community. But it means I'll get back to Melb around 2 in the afternoon. So, if that's ok, it'd be awesome :).

  3. oh yea, she found the female model but I didn't know she needed a male one too... I think its a whole day thing so no worries! thanks anyway...

    thats awesome about the confirmation :) never been to one, u'll have to tell me about it in 2 weeks!

  4. Never mind... My dreams of being "discovered" have just been crushed...