Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Well, Ames, it looks like I'm gonna have to rethink the basis for this blog.

One of my 4 constants just bailed. It'll be alright. Three outta four ain't bad.


P.S. Well, technically it didn't bail. There's nothing going to change any of them. It's just, well, you get it. It's not on any more.

P.P.S. It sucks... quite a lot, really.

P.P.P.S. I will manage, though.


  1. I totally didn't get to read this til now...

    yep, I know you will.

  2. Really? All foods? That blows my mind :). I'm so happy :).

    I've found my culinary match! Shall we duel with fried insects or haggis?

    Bring on the exploration!

  3. well if you can find a place in melb that serves it without food contamination, you're on! :D

    hope dinner is going well as I'm typing this...

    I will categorize the love of milkshakes into my 'Evan' file ;)

    btw, that's probably one of the most generous compliments I've ever been paid, thank you.

    feels like I'm making my mark on the world :)

  4. Now that everything is back in place, I feel like I was short-changed.

    I was given the ticket for a ride I NEVER ASKED for and then after it started, it was snatched from my hands and I was told to firmly to get off.

  5. You want back on? I'm very sorry. Surreal circumstances caused some horrible, and some beautiful, unexpected things- and all my poor decisions didn't help.

    I understand your hurt. I had a very trying day, standing in front of someone who hasn't done anything intentionally wrong, but whom I still feel ill around.

    My public apology is there for a reason. I'm so grateful for the way you've behaved and the manner in which you've demonst

  6. -rated you love for me.

    My stupid keyboard is playing up.