Wednesday, 28 October 2009

From between sheets...

...using just my thumb. That's where this post comes from.

My friend's asleep on the air bed beside me. I kept him up talking far too long and he's got an exam tomorrow. Ah, tomorrow.

Tomorrow will afford me some more time to smile. I have my hours planned from 9am to 4pm and it feels good. There are few feelings that can beat knowing that for the next little while, I don't need to think about how to pass the time.

I'm optimistic. I might be jumping the gun, but I think that I'm safe right now. What does that mean? I think it means that where each foot fall lands, there will be solid ground. Even if my hopes don't come to fruition.

Dare I hope?

It appears I fell asleep. It's morning and I've just found my phone. This post is still unposted. There's snoring. My eyes are sore. And I have to give a demonstration in a few hours.

Bring it on.



  1. lol, I was awake the time you posted this here!

    nice change of theme, hope life has less of the blues and tears now though :)


  2. Sure does :).

    But a few here and there are nice sometimes :).

    See you soon!

  3. i think the weather is just getting too hot.... I went fall asleep about this time too...and it's good to watch someone sleeping...