Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I'm late!

Well. I missed that tute. Ah, well.

What I'm really late for is a post to celebrate the anniversary of me publicly discussing my life in that established, egotistical way, that is my blog.

It's been a year, people!

I've written some 35,000 words just to fill in the time between assignments, parties, dates, etc.

But it's been more than that. It's been a way of expressing joy, venting anger and, well... Not much in between, really. I usually just have those two settings.


It has to be about me, doesn't it. Always bringing it back to self-absorbed little me.

Yeah, I'm pretty good.

Just looking back at my first post isn't as interesting as I'd hoped. I haven't moved far. Except what started out as an exercise in keeping my memory from slipping away, turned into something quite different. Even from the get-go.

Apart from being a way of showing my hobbies to other people, this blog has offered countless examples to me of how much people want to engage us. I've had offers of coffee, conversation, etc. I've had many words of encouragement. I've had several of desperation, too.

There are several overwhelming constants that I've identified throughout the posts. These undoubtedly reflect on who I am.

I note:

My over-enthusiasm for my own wit.
My apologetic nature.
My trust in God.
My love for a girl.

A love that won't ever fade.

Thanks for sticking around, y'all.



  1. congrats!

    may those 4 remain constant and grow stronger in the next year of blogging happiness:)

  2. the love that you said wouldn't ever fade, did though... what does that mean now for the present day?