Thursday, 8 October 2009

Vanity in pixels

We all know I love me. Who wouldn't? But I love me more when I'm made of tiny coloured squares. We've all seen my little versions of me running about the blog.

Here are a few:

Then there's the larger, more isometric me.

Then I was inspired by some groovy, avatar-style portraits I saw... Somewhere. I wanted one! So I took a random photo (perhaps a poor choice - you'll see why) and decided to make some pixel art!

I didn't want to just run a filter over the photo. I wanted to do it by hand. When there are assignments to be done, everything else must be done with maximum amount of procrastination as the goal. Doing a pixel portrait by hand was the logical choice.

Below is the finished product:

Here is a comparison with the original photo. You may notice:

- I've updated my hair cut
- I've enlarged the cross
- My jaw is now clenched
- My back is straighter
- I'm looking generally more mean

There you have it. More images of me to make me happy.

Have I mentioned I love pixel art?



  1. thought this might interest you?

  2. opps i mean 07 not 97 there in the link :)

  3. That's very cool :). I've been trying to make things out of tram tickets, cos they're so colourful, but they're not actually square, so it makes it difficult to experiment with a computer first.

    I really like works that were created entirely in the medium. Things where there was no source material at a larger scale and each pixel means so much more than... just a pixel :).

    I must steal some paint samplers...

  4. Also, just to note: This particular creation took around 3 hours.