Sunday, 9 November 2008

Dream after dream

I had a terrifying dream last night. Not one of the usual ones about parents losing me in a giant delicatessen or where everyone I know fades into a picket fence, but one of the standard ones that normal people have. I dreamed I was living in an apartment with my sister and it had a paddock out the back, one I knew to be inhabited by giant spiders. She said she thought a huntsman (large, Australian spider) had got in, but I was certain it was one of these giant ones from behind the apartment. I flicked the light switch on and off, and two spiders the size of dinner plates bolted out from the curtains. One sped across the roof, and another along the floor. I ran into the corridor and one of them followed at a blinding pace. It went first for my left foot, so I lifted it off the ground. It changed direction and headed for my right so I hopped onto my other foot. By this time it had caught up to me. I switched feet again, and it faced the other way, so I had to keep going. each time it aimed for the foot that had just landed on the floor. After about thirty seconds of doing this dance, I woke up and groped up and down my body looking for anything with silky black hair, about the size of a large hat.

But from then on, my day was fantastic (and will probably continue to be thus). I awoke feeling refreshed after not as much sleep as I would have liked. I saw the sun, heard the birds and thought: "Today I will study hard. I am awake. I am energized. That is so not happening! I'm going to church and visiting my girl!" I sprinted to the bus stop after I found I was nearly late. I arrived a sweaty mess on her door, but she held me just the same. After a short wash, I was fit to go to church and she was ready for choir practice.

We walked slowly through the sunny streets to the church where she joined with the other members of the choir and I went to have breakfast in the hall adjacent. I met lots of characters: Old engineers interested in modern trends, an enthusiastic accountant and people who had connections with my old church in Geelong. It was really good to chat to everyone. The community was glad to have someone new in their midst. Attending her church feels very natural and easy. The style of worship is one I'm familiar with and the minister remembers everyone's name. It's nice to have new people to talk to. Us college students crave social interaction. Either that or we die. It's hard to avoid it in college.

She sang beautifully, only wobbling at one point where a few seemed to. She sang with confidence that said, I've been here forever and I'm a key member. She has such a wonderful voice. I'd love to see her sing with my sister. My sister is shy and used to have trouble performing in front of others, so it's incredible when my girl sings for me. I'm not used to it and it's truly an awesome gift.

The sun is out and everyone's smiling except for one little girl who won't play nice. Silly girl. Peculiar girl. I hope some of the sunlight filters through her drawn curtains. She's someone who should clear away the spiders.

I hope you're all as happy as I am.


P.S. Sorry to anyone who was freaked out by the inclusion of Eight Melodies several posts ago. It's not that I like it that much, it's more sentimental... oh, Mother, you've given me so much...

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