Sunday, 16 November 2008


Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Electro-Mechanical Systems Modeling, Computational Mechanics, Engineering Design, Materials, Engineering Analysis. These are what take all my time away. No time to sleep. Once they're done, I can relax. All will be well. Sleep... Calls... Me...

My dad was especially kind this morning. Not that he isn't always (That said, he isn't, but that's not what I'm saying). I asked if he'd help out someone I love. His response showed that there could be no greater pleasure for him. I knew he would, but it surprised me how generous he was willing to be at an instant. I think he likes her. I think my whole family likes her. I think I like her a bit too.

Even though they can be a pain, it's sometimes really nice to have my parents. Him and Mum went on a date last night, so that's probably why he was happy. I'm glad, because he's often very stressed. I pray that we'll all make it through the looming economic depression. I know there won't be any real drama, but I'm sure everyone will feel it to some extent.

I hope "the girl" (she refers to me as "the boy" to her friends, so I think it's only fair) gets to join my family and I for some time. That would be fantastic. If anyone else is reading this, I'm probably working at least five days a week over the summer, but I'd love a visit sometime.

Gimme a buzz. I'd love to see you.


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