Monday, 10 November 2008

Short term

Of late I've been hearing people tell of their ambitions for short-term relationships. Does that sound weird to anyone else? I know it's common, but it seems so clinical. A short-term relationship, when I talk about it could be as long as five years, but the key feature is an intention for it to be temporary. I understand that not everybody has designs of marriage or a life-long partner, but I can't help feeling that a relationship of that nature is strategic, rather than something more organic. It seems to say, I will be there emotionally or physically for you, but only for a time. I will give myself to you, but not for too long. It is important to note that this is quite different from acknowledging that a relationship won't work out and ending it after a time.

I live in a college with many people from many different countries. Some will stay, some will return home, so the phenomenon isn't uncommon. This is all well and good, but excuse my notion of love. It doesn't allow for this arrangement. I couldn't do it, personally. If I can see the end clearly then it's wasting my emotional energy.

I don't mean to be judgmental. I'm just trying to understand. I guess some will do it and come out unscathed. I'm not one of those people.

With love,



  1. agreed. there's no point investing in something if you don't see it lasting in my opinion... kinda like money investments right? why are we so careful when it comes to our money but relationships can be taken so lightly?

  2. Yeah, I'll be friends with you for a while.

    It doesn't work like that, does it? I found it frustrating when friends had decided a time when they were gonna break up with significant others... and it was more than 12 months in the future!!