Thursday, 20 November 2008




I cried. Not hard or long, but sweet gentle tears. The reunion I thought could never happen, but secretly hoped for? The way it panned out made me feel as though I was as weak as a child, but also as new as one, ready to face anything and everything.

Oh, Lucas and Claus... If only things had been different. If only you'd had more time.

Kumatora. Sweet princess. You've grown so much from the rogue we first met.

And Duster. Look after that silly father of yours. He might keep calling you a moron, but he does love you.

Boney. Keep being that silly dog you are. Your disguise was hilarious.

Leder. You played your part well.

Oh, Flint. We can live on for those who didn't make it. We'll join them soon enough.

Even Porky. Did you really deserve what became of you? Is it the only way you'll learn? Don't keep your tongue stuck out too long.

Thank you for the ride. It was truly something special.



P.S. To all the other big-hearted travelers on the road: Thanks also. Without you, we'd never have made it.

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