Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Shooting star

My evening didn't end up as good, or as bad as I would have anticipated. I went out to dinner. That was nice. I got back and chatted to my girlfriend. Also nice. I tried to do some more maths. That didn't happen. I youtubed some artist my friend recommended listening to. I found ways to avoid what I HAD to do.

But I found something that worked, in a perverse kind of way: That can of energy drink. The one that froze at the back of the fridge. The one my girlfriend suggested could best be put to use as a weapon. I drank it in the hope that I would gain the energy to which the advertising on the can alluded (admittedly it wasn't a motivation drink, which was what I needed). I immediately felt sleepy. Why had this happened? Was it not working? Had freezing it killed it's power? Oh, well. Nothing for it, except to go to sleep and try for a better day tomorrow.

I lay in bed waiting for sleep to take me. My head was heavy. I felt sleep coming. But then something that hasn't happened since my final year of high school happened. I began to get nervous about what I had to do the next day. Not since I was 17 had I felt that sensation. Worrying that I wouldn't get to sleep when I needed to was keeping me awake. I tossed about, rearranging my arms and the pillows. I did this for a long time before giving in. I knew I had to use this new-found energy. I read several chapter of both James and Acts. I played some video games. I studied seven lectures worth of material. That's right. I studied in earnest for an extended period. It had worked.

After that success, I needed to do other things. My mind had been put to use, now I needed to work on my physical entity. I shaved and trimmed various growths of hair, I cleaned, I flossed and finally I went for a jog. I jogged further than I am normally able. It was fantastic. This was in the early hours of the morning. Early enough that I should be able to go to sleep and wake up comfortably in the time period we usually refer to as morning.

My jogging track is one of the most amazing places in the world. It's a parkland with a massive expanse in the middle and a perfectly circular track around the outside. The panoramic views of the city lights were unbelievable, and the bushland around the edge makes it hidden from people outside it's borders. I love jogging at night when nobody's around. Silhouettes of fruit bats pass overhead while the gentle wind moves the trees. The construction cranes sit a little way off, lit up with lights to warn any air traffic. It's a wonderful place to sit or run or think or just be alone with your thoughts. I've jogged off many a bad temper on that track.

While I was out there I saw a shooting star. That was nice too.

Here's a picture of my jogging track. It's that big circle in the middle.

I finally feel sleepy, so I'll retire to bed... Again...

Sweet dreams,


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