Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Where's the energy?

This isn't a discussion about a global energy crisis or even my lack of motivation. It's about the final can of energy drink in my fridge.

I bought 23 of them at once from the store at college when they wanted to get rid of them. I saved most of them for important times and for when friends needed an energy hit (assignments, class, burglary, etc.), however now I'm left, without energy because of the silly fridge in my apartment. The temperature changes all the time (my housemates claim innocence, but I think they might change the temperature just to mess with me) and now my last can of energy drink has been frozen solid. Why have you abandoned me, o source of power? Silly fridge...

I haven't done what I needed to do today, but there's still a lot of today left. I should be fine.

Procrastination has been the name of the game today. This post is mostly here because I can't do this mathematics problem. My arc length just isn't coming out right. I've been chatting to my beautiful girl, "Brawling" (speaking of which, I really feel like some "karting"), lunching, eating a Cherry Ripe (cower in fear of its awesomeness, you peoples who don't have the glorious Cherry Ripe in your country of residence), thinking about what colours to paint my nails, walking around college and finally opening my books, only to get stuck after the first few problems.

Oh, boy...

I'm going out for dinner with my bible study group. I'd better finish this work sheet before then. I'm getting hungry. I want a hug.

Hope you like the new header and I know I change it too often...


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    >:O <------ shocked angry face

    I love reading your posts, but not when it is part of the reason why you do not get your work done!