Saturday, 15 November 2008


Things have come together nicely of late. I often feel like everything I do is conducted from inside a snowball, running down a hill, grabbing snow where I need to, just catching it as I go past. Every now and then a side will fall off, and the path will be a little bent for a while, until it evens out and becomes more round. I never have too long (or give myself too long) to make decisions. The important ones keep the general shape of the ball intact and so far it hasn't lost momentum to any real extent.

That's the furthest I've pushed an analogy in recent memory, but it's also one that I've thought of often. Things just seem to work, even though I grab at things on the fly. I don't get bored. I don't stop. When I rest, things get harder to start again. Things have been really bad. But external things seem to line up, somewhat to my favour.

I hope I can have the time and energy to reach out to the people around me. They look out for me.

Thanks to everyone who makes it easy to keep rolling, and throws me a life-line every so often. Thanks to my wonderful family and friends and everyone I love.

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