Monday, 3 November 2008

Here goes no something.

No one is simply born "strong".

People only grow strong little by little, by encountering difficult situations and learning not to run from them, no matter how frightening or daunting they may be.

--Mother 3

Although possibly just a way of justifying the leveling up system in RPGs, it's quite a poignant moment in gaming none the less.

I feel stronger and full of more love than at any other time in my life. Why then is it so hard to do certain things, like study or exercise, when at other times things like that have been so easy? I can do anything, but at the same time I have a little trouble with the basics. I do like having a plan when I need to do something important (other times it's more fun just to wing it). So today I'll formulate exactly what I need to do. To plan... Good plan, 'ey?

Yesterday I visited my girlfriend's church. It was fantastic. I loved sharing with her in the service, a symbol of the faith we share and the hope we have in the Lord, Jesus Christ. With God's help, I pray that we grow in faith together and in love for each other and the Lord.

She made me lunch and dinner again. Goodness, gracious... She's far too kind. She made an awesome fruity cake creation, which turned out a little different than anticipated but was delicious all the same. Her banana bread tasted fantastic! I want more of that. I should do some cooking over the break.

Gosh... The break... I'll be working; monitoring water slides, teaching people how to use canoes, manning the station at the mini golf, etc. I better get into work mode. I think I'll probably handle it quite well after this long, studious year.

You grew strong for those you would otherwise be unable to help. They are the reason you are strong.

--Mother 3

He's a little champion, that Lucas. Losing his mother, his brother, coming through all the tears to be a leader. I've met someone recently who's a lot like that. He's very strong person because of the suffering he's come through. I felt honoured to hear his story. It's nice to hear the success stories once in a while.

I had an interesting conversation with some friends last night. Discussions on what society considers success, the differences in that perception between cultures and whether the system will change. Both from south-east Asia (different countries) and both weighed down by their respective cultures and the expectations put on them. One was more patriotic, in a sense (or at least more defensive), but the discussion was good. It was nice to hear that other people don't count their worth or happiness by the size of their bank statements, or the length of their swimming pool, despite a society that almost explicitly tells them that this is their measure of success (their description).

Now go forth, toward whatever stands out most in your eyes.

Go, facing not the darkness, but the light.

--Mother 3

I like smiling and I like it when you smile,


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