Saturday, 1 November 2008

Sweet trousers

The best costumes I've come up with have had very little preparation time and even less thought gone into them. Last night's party required a spooky or frightening costume. The final result was quite good, but the best part about the costume is the fact that I get to keep the sweet trousers I've created (with the help of a friend).

The costume itself consisted of a dog collar with a leather tie attached for use as a leash, a torn, black, sleeveless shirt, black shoes and some jeans which had been severed below the knee, then burnt to give a stylish finish. I also used some eyeliner to give myself a black eye and I was ready to play a convincing sub. Lucky my girlfriend was up to the task of playing a dom. She came in an amazing school girl outfit (tartan mini, tied shirt, beautiful pink treble clef naval ring, pigtails, spectacular leather boots; the works), which meant that we were deliciously inappropriate when put together in a public place.

She had fun leading me around and telling me what to do and I had a great time begging on all fours. I love dressing up.

I'm very tired now, though so I think it's time for a mid-afternoon nap. I have a baptism to go to this afternoon, so I'd best get some rest. Tomorrow I'm gonna visit the church my girlfriend goes to. That'll be cool.

Before you go, check out my pants!


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