Monday, 15 March 2010

Street fighter. That's right.

It's rather odd to have someone else's graduation photo smiling at me, from the side of my desk. It would make sense if it belonged to my daughter or son. But it doesn't. It belongs to a dear friend. And she looks really happy. It's not a I'm-posing-for-my-grad-photo kind of smile, either. It's a wow-this-is-really-just-too-much-I'm-going-to-explode-in-a-burst-of-graduate-juice kinda smile. I picked up the photo for her when it was ready. She'll grab it off me some time.

My sleep pattern is still set to party mode. Around 4:00pm I flop to the floor like my bones have evaporated. Around 2:00am I'm ready to hit the streets, nail polish and all. Some think I wear nail polish because I'm just a rather effeminate guy. Ignore the cute pictures of birdies and the blinding flashes of colour that adorn these finger tips. I'm the world's greatest street fighter, Baby.

You think these are 'cause I wanna look pretty? Well, they are. But you watch me sidle up to some guy outside a strip club on King Street and I'll work my magic. Just one "Hey, Cutie" from me, and his bulging, tatt-covered arms'll start swinging.

I'm a lean, mean, arse-kicking machine!

On the other hand, Bible study went well this week. It was really good to have a look at Paul's example of what prayer can be like, when we truly practice loving the community around us as God intended.

I'm not sure what to make of this sudden burst of old-fashioned, personal-update style blogging. Meh. You'll drink whatever I bring. Heck most of you are students, so you'd probably settle for goon.



  1. Personally, I like these kinds of posts :)
    like the sunnies!

  2. But slightly better than turps, right?

  3. let's name those chickens...

  4. I'm already bothered that you've decided that they're chickens... Who said they're chickens? They don't want to be named. They have names. These anthropomorphised avian creatures aren't for you to play with, Ben.

  5. you do realize that smashing Bowser on super smash brothers with nothing but a small mushroom doesn't count in the real world right? Please don't hit on any bikers. You will end up with sore teeth or a new best friend who wants to take you everywhere.

    I prefer soft drink and chocolate

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  6. Hey man, nail polish is for chicks.

    Haha. Get it?


    Carry on. Swell blog. And please don't beat me up if you ever find me on the street. I'm just a little girl, so my own brightly-colored nails are no match for yours.


  7. Yeah, funny that... Actually, it is! :)

    Heh heh. I think tomorrow is an orange and teal day.

    What about you?

  8. Orangee and teal always reminds me of The Miami Dolphins Ick. Foosball.

    But, uh, go for it! I'm more in a silver and blue glitter mood.


  9. Oooh! Sounds good :). I'll do that instead!

  10. Silver and blue glitter does sound like a good plan! Preety....

    The Anonymous Poster Child