Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Think of me, think of me fondly

I want you to remember me. In my ideal world, you'd wake up scared. You'd think of my helpless form, crushed against the weight of abandonment and betrayal. Now everything has been poured out of me, into you, only brittle fragments remain. Without my life's vessel, a tortured, bitter soul screams. These thoughts should devour you.

I'm standing out in the cold. Wait. The air should be warm. These shivers were born of cursed images; of thoughtless acts of vandalism on the life I'd been promised, of senseless, self-destructive anger, ripping at the threads of my psyche.

You saw who I was. Who am I now? You don't just break hearts. You tainted me, accepted me, looked deep within me, then laughed at how far I'd fallen. My arms were outstretched, but you were able to walk away in a selfish act of self-preservation.

In my world, you'd never find an hour, a minute, a second, where thoughts of me didn't leave you weak.

Because I will never shake these thoughts of you.

Edit: This post was ironic, after a long discussion that resulted in the conclusion that all my friend's fears were unfounded. I really needed to explain that. Too many people were commenting in person and hadn't read the comments.


  1. You sound depressed... smile =)

  2. But look at how happy that turtle playing chess is :). He's so happy :).

    Yesh he is! Yesh he is!

    *maniacal grin*

    Yay for Mel Burn friends!

  3. That bird actually looks quite afraid of the turtle... now that you mention it...


  4. I didn't see it like that :). I like how the birdies can have whatever emotion we imagine :).

    The turtle really is just a nice guy, though. He just really likes chess.

  5. lol should have read your comment first... thanks for that :)
    glad you are better in the head these days :)

  6. Turtle!!!

    Thank you my awesome-if-slightly-random-and-confusing-friend

    The Anonymous Poster Child