Thursday, 11 March 2010

Curiouser and curiouser!

I liked it. The people I saw it with thoroughly enjoyed it. Anyway, that's beside the point.

However, it's fair to say that I found Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland to be very entertaining. Moving on.

"What's with the new header?" I hear you ask. "Why is it so colourful?" "What's the significance of the coloured blocks and the flower crab claw?" "Why are there badly drawn avian creatures roaming about the place?" "I'm not asking these questions. I couldn't care less. Why are you putting words in my mouth?"

These are all valid questions. I will try and answer them.

I'll start with the chicken-things. I like badly drawn animals. They're cuter than their straight-edged, nine-to-five, desk-job brethren. Moreover they're easier and more fun to draw. And these guys are friendly. As this is my space I want to keep it friendly. Especially since that crab claw's making people nervous.

The crab claw. Well, I have several at home. I like them. I live at the beach. And I like nature. And I like the absurd. Nuff said?

The coloured blocks are representative of my... "enthusiasm" for the medium of video games. The number and colours are insignificant.

I have received some criticism about the sudden increase in colour on this web page. I've made up a couple of different versions of the header (below), and if one is obviously an improvement, I'd appreciate some input on the matter.

Of course, if the whole thing's just rubbish, feel free to break my little heart. There's a commenting facility for a reason.



P.S. Please tell me what you think of the colours, etc.

P.P.S. I realise now that the header says nothing of my love of reading or my Saviour, Jesus. Ah, well. Truth be told, I was just randomly sketching in my sketchbook and came up with that crap.

P.P.P.S. Thanks, Eric, for the gardener theme. I'm still working on a title. More ideas would still be appreciated.


  1. The Anonymous Poster Child is sad that no-one else has commented yet...

    I'll give it a go!
    The brown is too boring and the blue too depressed. I highly recommend you do a whole series based on the same theme, or not, your choice but based on different colors reflecting certain moods. Yellow for happiness, orange for the desire to commit acts of violence against others ext.

    Then you simply update your thingy to reflect your mood each time you sign on. Only people who regularly check your blog in the desperate search for human interaction such as myself will be able to track these changes and thus your moods. but we will be able to continue to follow our favorite moral engineer to be that much more closely without invading into your personal space any more than is necessary.

    Of the drawings themselves i do have one criticism. You have represented birds and in an appropriate sort of way, crabs. However, unless the birds represent, in some way i do not fully understand an S.T.I. and this is some sort of in-code check list. I would like to request a turtle be drawn. Specifically I would like the sort of sea turtle that can be found in the Whitsundays and along the great barrier reef. It is my favorite animal and were i permitted to choose my own animal guide or totem that is who i would choose.

    You may wish to add other coded symbols to represent other friends and lovers whom you believe to be worthy of the honor...

    Or not, its your crazy random blog and i like happy little sketches :)

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  2. P.S.

    I liked it too! My favorites were the blood hound and then the other big thingy that lost an eye.

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  3. i like it colourful! it seems fun. tho if u wanna expand on APC's thing..then colourful could be the 'whimsical' mood. i like the dancing bird on the far left. :)

  4. Thanks, guys... It's hard to get any perspective on it any more...

    I can't see it objectively..!

    Stop obsessing, TSC!

  5. Who is TSC?

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  6. I really like the bottom one, the thrid from the bottom one (with the faded colourings) and, as you already know, the brownie one :)
    Love you!

  7. I have to agree, I'm in favour of the slightly faded one as well :)