Saturday, 27 March 2010


Shirt, gym, hangin' with Kim. It was good to chill out for a while, and explore the boutique shops that litter this area of the city. I bought a sweet T and Kim and I both picked up some albums. Here's the design on my shirt:

The yellow bits are felt. Mmmm... Fun to touch...

This Friday's CONNECT was fantastic. There was an abundance of Easter eggs and some great, Christian fellowship. We watched a new DVD by John Dickson which looked at some interesting historical facts surrounding the time of Jesus' execution. It examined the political reasons which brought him to the cross, as well as Christ's purpose for using the symbolism of the Passover to coincide with his death. It was quite interesting to be reminded that essentially, Christians have turned a symbol of death into a symbol of hope- wearing a cross as jewellery would be the equivalent of wearing a miniature electric chair around one's neck, without the significance of Jesus' purpose in the world.

In honour of this, we gorged ourselves on chocolate. Makes sense, right? Nah, it was a good, thought-provoking night.

Afterwards I joined the Kardinia reunion/bar hop. I chained my bike to what I thought was a permanent street fixture. Turns out it wasn't. Simple as that. I live just off Lygon, where many restaurants have permanent outdoor sections, cordoned off, with the tables and chairs being taken in at the end of the day. On Victoria St. this isn't so. My bike's lock was cut and thrown out (irrelevant really, after being cut), and my bike was tossed in the alley beside the shop. when I enquired about the bike, being very apologetic and explaining my misunderstanding concerning the nature of their store front, I was rudely told that I was an idiot, and that everybody knows those barriers are temporary. I was also informed, with a smirk, that my bike lock had been destroyed, in rather vulgar language. Completely understandable actions on the part of the guys packing up, but to be humiliated and attacked didn't feel too good.

Ah, well. At the end of it all, I'm well ready for bed. Or at least to post this, then hit the hay. Here's me at the end of it all. If I look a little flushed, it's on account of the temperature tonight. It sure is warm. If my eyes look a little smoky, it's because a friend offered to do my eye-liner. How could I resist?

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Excuse the shirtlessness- it's all but hidden. It's just really warm in here, and I wanted to post before bed.


  1. glad you had a fun night :)

  2. Goodness.. what horrid people!! Poor bike lock!

  3. Thanks for the mixed take on the evening, guys :).

    Sorry, msihua, for essentially having a whine on your blog :).

    I'm off to eat dumplings, apparently...

  4. That's okay.. feel free to whine whenever =) I'm happy to listen....

    Oooh.. dumplings!! Where where??!!!

  5. I actually wouldn't mind having a mini guillotine around my neck, as in, in the form of a necklace. not the gory one....
    gosh, that could've sound so bad.....

  6. Good point, George :). That'd be rather cool.

    Thanks, msihua :). The dumplings were made at a friends place. Where's your favourite spot for dumplings?

  7. about death, have you ever thought about:

    everyone wants to go to the Heaven,
    but no one wants to die?