Friday, 19 March 2010

An evening of guy love

I'm glad I have close friendships and people around me who look out for my mental health. It really does help. For all the mental instability caused by friendships that go awry (I will always pray that they can be renewed), there are so many that lift me up and show me how living with such a community around me is a blessing.

After a lovely dinner of Sichuan Chicken, Spicy Beef Strips, Fish Flavoured Chilli Eggplant, we wandered back to the city, and I cooled off with butterscotch milkshake. Some of the guys departed, and after some revitalising hugs and reaffirmation of love and support, we proceeded to watch Cop Out, unaware of its heavily guy love themed plot.

Cop Out is a return to the classic formula for cop movies. Two police partners are suspended and have to do things off the record and make everything square again. Everything runs as you'd expect, as scary gangs get involved and the pair find themselves in the middle of something heavy.

But underneath the cliché, there is an entertaining take on relationships and, well...

...guy love.


P.S. Guys, girls, we're all people. Let's hug it out.


  1. Hugging guys is mas fun! I mean, for me at least. And the best hugs of all are (not)chicken hugs.


    Yay bromance. Say it loud, say it proud. As you said, it's nice to have people who know you well.

  2. Heh heh. There's something nice about being able to just breathe, in someone's arms. I don't care who it is, as long as I can feel the support, and in turn, their own need for support.

    I like the term (not)chickens! In fact, I think that's exactly what they are! :)

    What's also nice is when a pair of bloggers share happy thoughts :). Yay for click-through friends!

    Oh, no... That reminds me of this:

  3. Is that the same chickens from before who only value each other from their hugs?

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  4. Clearly not. One of those (not)chickens from earlier had stumpier arms.

  5. I also appreciate our guy love. Makes me happy to know i have such good friends.

    Arms? do (not)chickens have arms or wings? I thought they were definitely birds

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  6. Yay (not)chickens! I'm glad you like it. I'll click on the link on home. I think (not)chickens can have (not) arms.

  7. Yeah, they're birds. They're certainly not (not)birds. However, they are (not)chickens. They have been described in this place as birdies and avian creatures, that much I know. Their human-like characteristics doesn't preclude them from utilising the concept of a arm, even if it is merely and arm-like appendage. Yay for anthropomorphism!