Monday, 1 March 2010

To the north of the city

I went stalking today. I've done it before. I never enjoy it. It's like window shopping for something specific, knowing you don't have the money (or in this case, emotional stability) to receive the goods.

I turned a corner and felt the houses line up beside me. I was going to lead them into battle, but they refused to follow.

I watched the graves shift in the graveyard as I walked past. Do you need to lose someone to fear them? Until then, I'll enjoy the serenity and ornate stonework. The thought that they might eat my friends is only scary when I say it out loud. From an apartment, I looked across the entire yard. If it weren't for the heavy, iron gates, I'm sure our subterranean neighbours would visit us more often.



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely walk, even it felt a little guilty.

  2. Dont worry, with enough sunflowers you can spawn an entire plant army to defend you. But on the other hand dont you currently live on holy ground? Speaking of which, what is the churches policy on zombies? Jesus rose from the dead, and what if the person was buried in their "what would jesus do" tee-shirt? So many questions arising from such a short walk. (geddit? Arising?)

    Since it was north of the city i hope you were stalking me. Its ok, I'm used to it with the paparazzi and all...

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  3. P.S. I LIKE this type of post! so thought provoking!