Monday, 29 March 2010

I miss you


  1. :(

    I'm sorry doll, even if you aren't breaking down on a molecular level.

    Sad not!chicken makes me sad.


  2. Hang on... not!chicken = chicken!


    You ever done any coding before?

    "!" means "not".

    Thanks, dear :). I may yet survive :).


  3. *hugs*

    This season will pass, but do what you gotta do dearest. There are many people around ready to help whenever you need.

  4. Thanks. Stuff sucks without her. Not everything. Not always. Just things right now.

    Hopefully I won't be without her forever.

  5. None of us like losing. Especially when it's someone we love.

    I know it's not something I need to say, but you'll heal, and you'll be stronger. I don't mean stronger in the sense of 'more unbreakable' or 'colder' or even 'less likely to be hurt'. More that, your understanding will grow, your smile will grow, your ability to love will grow, and your ability to be loved. (Not that I'm implying it is currently insufficient, ask anyone around you and they'll all say that you give more and are more loving than anyone they know. You never have been, and never will be insufficient dear, don't you worry about that) :D

    But while that happens, we're all here for you too. Cheering from the sidelines, isn't the right expression at all. We're all here doing our best to help out; look over to first base, there's Adam, wave at him! Amy's out there in left-field singing words of encouragement over the roar of the crowd, and I'm motioning with my fingers which pitch I'm ready to catch.
    Why? Because we've all got you back. Why? Because you deserve us, you deserve squillions of us (unfortunately however, we're all unique, so you'll just have to make do with one of each of us). Why? Because you fill us all with love, hope, smiles, and (I can't vouch for everyone on this) butterflies too :)

    So while the short-stop might think she can take a nap that because the first innings is done - she's either going to wake up and be furious for all that she's missed, or she'll have to be carried off the field and never know that she could've caught that third out. But ultimately, you're the captain and it's your decision.

    But know this; while she's away, we'll be here.
    If she wakes up of her own accord, or you're called on to make a hard decision, we'll be here.
    And when everything is said and down, and you've got yourself a full team again, we'll be here.

    We're all here standing by you, and ready to carry you on our shoulders, if all you need is a lift.

  6. Wow :). Thanks, Wordsmith. I know you'll be there. I hate how much it drags me down. Especially when you guys all deserve my best.

    Thanks heaps for your muscular, handsome shoulders, My Dear :).