Monday, 22 March 2010

Down time

Waking up wasn't what my body really wanted to do. I had a rewarding chat with my dear friend last night, as she drove home in the car. I'm glad she got back safely, after her busy weekend.

I was woken by a lovely messenger, bringing smiles and hope and love. That was positively wonderful. Sadly, it had to end, and I was left to find my own energy. This cold is annoying.

This evening I trekked down the street and had dinner by myself at MyCube on Lygon. I had the Char Kuey Teow, Pandan Ninja and a Tiger beer.

My nails matched my beer.

The Char Kuey Teow was delicious. The waitress asked me how spicy I wanted it. I said, "Very spicy," to which she responded with, "Ah, you mean Asian spicy."

After hearing that another pal was going to see them here in Melbourne, and with me not rich enough to go to their gig, I did what I had to-- I bought an album of theirs.

It was great to take in the world for a moment without filling it with people to talk to and study and energy. I was able to get some good relaxation.

I hope the conversations do continue. I hope hearts rest easy. I hope English teachers behave themselves. I hope you all smile.



  1. Those are the manliest painted nails holding a beer, ever. The food looks delicious too and I sort of want it. Now.

    I love alone time. Usually really awesome people like alone time, 'cause who better to be with than yourself?


  2. English teachers never ever ever behave themselves. Might be best to tie them down and gag them until you need them again.

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  3. I like the MJ drink at MyCube :)

  4. Yeah, I normally go for purples and greens, but I just bought these two colours, so I wanted to test 'em out :).

    My friend's English teacher is giving her grief...