Sunday, 14 March 2010

Early morning hymns

Hopefully, enthusiastically, gently, the congregation wakes me amidst the piles of clothes and books strewn around my room. It's always nice to hear their voices raised in worship. I'm reminded that this isn't just my space. For the last three years this house has been a sanctuary for me. Now I live in it, I have to remember its communal nature. Even when others aren't present within my walls, I need only listen to the band rehearsing next door to be reminded that this house is a blessing. And not just for me.

I hope you'll visit me here. I don't wanna advertise, but we have a spare room if anyone wants to crash in the city. It will remain a spare room, but visitors are most welcome. I love surrounding myself with people. This place lets me entertain far better than my room at college did.

I'm such a social creature. Last night, a friend asked me if I ever spend days alone. I try not to. Usually if there's no one around (I can't recall that happening in recent history) then I'll hang out with Samus Aran, or Amaterasu. You know, whoever wants to hang.


P.S. I found this particularly interesting. It summarises some of the themes of the Mother games rather well.

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