Sunday, 28 March 2010

You said it, War

Or more accurately, you posed the question.

My gym session today was excruciating. Just really painful. My muscles hadn't healed from the last BODYPUMP class. Ouch. Even though I knew I'd need a shower immediately after, I still maintain I needed one before, as well. The following image may not be used as a torture device, and is only to illustrate a point.

My hair won't behave. My eyes won't open all the way. Nothing works without a shower.

After having insults flung at me this morning, I'm a little over playing nice. I'm always friendly. I'm always looking out for your interests. I'm certainly not always particularly perceptive to that end, but I keep trying and improving. However, I get a little tired of the accusations, and, well, frankly, being told off like I'm a child.

The gym should have been a good outlet for the tension, but instead I received your message only when it was too late. I was already a tired wreck, not willing to put up with it any longer. You'd keep more friends if you stopped abusing the ones who genuinely care about you. And I'm talking, right down to your soul. None of this Oh, we go shopping together, have lunch together, or just get sweaty together, but I couldn't care what happens to you frankly type friends you surround yourself with.

Shake off this syndromic crap you've developed by living alone for too long. As Tom Cruise would say, Put your manners back in.

Goodness. I apologise for the rant, people.

In returning to my title, why can't we be friends?


P.S. No, seriously. My apologies, Peeps.



  1. As a wise man once said to me;

  2. Goodness, glad ur better now :)

  3. that was a very wise man!

    Awesome picture of pumping iron!

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  4. You are my new secret not so secret crush. To your hair and painted nails I say: Marry me.