Monday, 29 March 2010


Superhappyfuntimes~! That's another name for BODYSTEP, then Cardio Box. Wow. It's such a high. My muscles hurt less, but are throbbing more. Tomorrow morning is BODYPUMP. Rock! Tonight is a huge assignment, the majority of which shouldn't be too difficult.

I had a great doppio espresso with Jamsay. And whatever that little fruit mince filled finger thing was. Yummerz.

Thanks, Sis, for the first gym session, and thanks, Divya, Rob and Azeeza for the second. See you tomorrow at 7:00am sharp!

Thanks to my good friends for your support. I'll be out of it for a while, I imagine. Until I get back on my feet, it's gym, gym, study, gym, gym! Don't worry, I'm doing only the recommended maximum. I'm playing it safe.

Bring the endorphins!


P.S. I love how I'm the only one who wears nail polish to the Cardio Box class, and I'm the only "male" in the entire BODYSTEP class!


  1. You forgot blog. :(
    Gym, gym, study, BLOG.

    Or fine, do whatever is necessary to help you feel all better. Including being the only AWESOME one at Cardiostep and Body Box.

    Or whatever.


  2. I blog WAY too much :).

    Thanks, Lor :).

    I brought some friends along to BODYPUMP this morning and they had a blast (I hope). They'll certainly start to feel it soon :).

  3. God.. u work out freak! I have never stepped into a gym.. I'd run away scared =)

  4. It's a great place, really :). It seems so intimidating from outside, but once you're in-- it's happiness and loveliness!

    A friend introduced me to it, now heaps of my friends are getting in on it.

    Fitness classes are really motivating, cos the instructors are nice, and make sure you're doing it all correctly.

    If you ever wanna try it out, message me, and I go along with you :).

    I can't really handle sports, cos I'm not good with competition, and the whole sports scene is... meh.

    That's why gym classes are awesome!

    Any of the Les Mills classes are fantastic (BODYPUMP, BODYJAM, BODYCOMBAT, BODYSTEP, BODYBALANCE, etc.)

  5. Still not really feeling it. meh, i dont get my muscles. The give out on me and wont do as ordered during the actual workout but then seem to be fine afterwards. I think they were just being cry babies!

    Looking forward to eating lots of chocolate over easter and then bragging about it to all my friends who are trying to get thinner.

    Thanks tho for the fun times. Waking up that early is just illegal but i would never go to classes if i didnt have someone to go with. I loved having a partner for cardio box and the pump one was ok in a very self esteem destroying way. Why do old women who dont look very fit then go through the whole session with twice the weight I do?

    Blog more, always more! But keep it (and you) happy

    The Anonymous Poster Child

  6. OMGosh... that sounds like a bit too much work... hahaha.. I gave myself a whiplash from drying my hair yesterday... I don't think I'm going to be very gym material =(

  7. Nah, get involved :). Can you dance? Do BODYJAM :). Not so much? Do BODYSTEP. Want to stretch all those muscles without pumping them like crazy? You know... a little toning? Relaxation? Do BODYBALANCE.

    Find a friend you know who does it, then go along. They always ask you at the start of each class if it's anyone's first time. They're really good at helping people, and everyone has a lot of fun.

    I better get ready for Balance class!